Population dynamics of the Hill Stream Loach Acanthocobitis moored (Sykes, 1839) (Cypriniformes: Nemacheilidae) from northern Western Ghats of India

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S.S. Kharat
N. Dahanukar


We have studied the sex ratio, length-weight relationship, growth pattern and mortality of a Hill Stream Loach, Acanthocobitis mooreh (Sykes, 1839), from its type locality in northern Western Ghats of India. The sex ratio of A. mooreh was unbiased and did not deviate from the expected 1:1 ratio. The power of the length-weight relationship of A. mooreh for both males and females and for the combined population was significantly lesser than the cubic value expected by isometry. Von Bertalanffy Growth Function fitted to the length frequency data suggested that the asymptotic length of the fish is 6.04cm while the growth constant is 0.79y-1. Total mortality of the fish is 2.05y-1 and the young are more prone to mortality. Both, the high growth rate and high mortality at younger ages indicates that the fish is r selected.

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