Badis dibruensis, a new species (Teleostei: Badidae) from northeastern India

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Kh. Geetakumari
W. Vishwanath


A new species of the genus Badis Hamilton is described from Dibru River, Dibrugarh, Brahmaputra basin in Assam, India. The species has the following combination of characters: a conspicuous black blotch covering the superficial part of the cleithrum above pectoral fin base, a small oval-shaped black blotch on the middle of caudal fin, two predorsal bones, interorbital width 9.9-15.0, upper jaw length 6.1-6.9, lower jaw length 7.1-8.3 and orbital diameter 7.6-9.4 % SL. The species differs from its nearest congeners, B. badis, B. kanabos and B. tuivaiei by the absence of dark black or brown vertical bars on sides. A key to species of Badis of India is provided.

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Kh. Geetakumari

Kh. Geetakumari is a research scholar in the Department of Life Sciences, Manipur University. She is pursuing research in Phylogenetic studies of fishes belonging to the order Perciformes found in northeastern India under the supervision of W. Vishwanath.

W. Vishwanath

W. Vishwanath is a professor in the Department of Life Sciences, Manipur University. His field of specialization is Fish and Fisheries. He is at present engaged in taxonomy and systematics of freshwater fishes of northeastern India

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