JoTT welcomes volunteers!

The Journal of Threatened Taxa (JoTT) was set up with the experience of publishing Zoo's Print Journal for over eight years (1999-2007; with the aim of publishing peer-reviewed scientific literature that is completely open access and available to all. It is brought out by a small team of dedicated professionals of Wildlife Information Liaison Development (WILD) Society with the support of Zoo Outreach Organization (ZOO) with next to no funding from external sources.

So to be a part of this team, are you passionate about biodiversity conservation? Are you itching to do your bit for the natural world and become a part of the scientific community that studies it?

Are you interested in learning to write scientific papers? Do you want to help spread science-based conservation data? Do you want to learn about conservation studies conducted by experts?

What can you do?
You can write, edit, design and most importantly learn! Wildlife research and conservation is complex but what better way for you to learn than read about different studies conducted by experts? It is a learning experience/study course in itself. If you are not sure what part of conservation you belong to, it's the right place to understand.

How you ask?
Well, reading about the on-ground studies ranging from human-animal coexistence issues and awareness to molecular genetic studies which are all part of the gamut of JoTT papers will help you understand these aspects of conservation better! So you have a taste of everything before you figure out your area of interest.

If you are a bookworm like some of us here and are interested in understanding what goes behind bringing out a peer-reviewed open access publication every month, then you are in the right place! We are a small team and this in itself presents plenty of learning opportunities.

Else, if you are one with a creative streak, we have scope for that as well. We are always on the lookout for creative ideas on designing, promoting and publishing the journal, so fresh ideas are welcome!

What do you have to know to help us? 
It's fairly simple! We look for people who are passionate to help spread the message of biodiversity conservation through the journal. In other words, background is not of utmost importance, but dedication and passion are.

How do you know if you are the right person?
You can get in touch with us and write to us about your interests and queries and we can talk to you over email, phone, skype or in person to understand if your interests are in sync with that of the organization/journal.

Do you need to volunteer in Coimbatore?

Ideally yes, but depending on the area of your interest we do consider volunteers working from their place of living.

The most important part, what do you get?
You will receive a letter of experience after the volunteering term, lots and lots of learning that may help you decide where you belong in conservation, keep your wildlife interests active and make your contribution & mark in conservation.

What if I don't qualify to volunteer for JoTT?
We also have volunteering opportunities for other publications such as Zoo's Print Magazine and newsletters such as Reptile Rap, Frogleg, Min, Small Mammal Mail and Bugs R All which, as the names suggest, focus on specific groups of fauna.


In case you are still confused, here is a brief idea on what you can do:

Depending on your interest/expertise/background, you can volunteer for proof reading, English language editing, plagiarism checks, typesetting, designing (cover page design, illustrations, cartoons, paintings, caricatures, web designing), marketing/promotion ideas, fund raising, networking, among other things.

Interested folks can contact us at:
Or, call us at: +91 9385339862 and 9385339863

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